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March 8, 2005
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Born in the year of the Dog by XunZaer Born in the year of the Dog by XunZaer
Shigure as a dog from my Fruits baskets wallpaper collection, why? cause I was born in the year of the dog and I need to change my ID

Name: Lacey Snowden
DOB: October 8th 1982
Sex: Female (and 100% tomboy)
Blood Type: O-
Sine: Libra
Chinese year: Dog (see! Dog!)
Egyptian Year: Horus
Hair: Black colored red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'9"
Weight: DIE!
Ahem that's not an answer: I know but I rather not go into that...
OK well then next question Likes?: Let me categorize this...
OK Types of Music: Alternative, Classical, J-Pop (occasionally... I like Gackt), heavy metal (ocasionaly)
Umm OK... a bit odd...: I know isn't it? And no I didn't throw in Classical to screw with your heads It really soothes me...
How about your favorite bands?: Humm I like My Chemical Romance, Goo Goo Dolls, Rob Zombie, AFI, Unwritten Law, Gackt, Saliva, Jet, Evanescence...
OK next one types of food: OH! CALIMARI! I looooovvvvveee Calimari! (that's squid) I like Fish and Chicken and Turkey
You like Squid?: HELL YEAH!! I love it! mmmn I love the tentacles all nice and crispy! mmmn I'm drooling here!
Right... OK Books: ummm do Manga's count?
Sure OK so books: anything by Dan Brown and Rumiko Takahashi! Oh and Michael Chriton! I read JP in like the 6th grade and I understood it too! that freaked out my mother... Full Metal Panic, Saiyuki... there are others... I'm brain dead
OK cool soo what do we have... umm Animals?: Dogs! I looove my dog! (no it has nothing to do with being born in the year of the dog... or maybe it dose...) But I also love my bird and my cat
What are there names?: My Dog is Maxwell He's an English Springier spaniel my Bird is Atriums an umbrella cockatoo and my cat Roxie
ah ha OK people you like: I don't really care for people but I'd have to say people more like me, not overly cheery or any thing but not overly depressed, someone like My current group of friends, Ren Dan Steve and Nikore! :hug: Luv you guys!
Very small group of friends there: Yeah well I've had issues from Ex friends, long story...
OK sorry, what else is there? OK Favorite Movies: errmm I don't know? I like a lot of movies... I like Ninja Scrolls and LOTR Return of the King and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust!
A Big Anime Fan I see: HELL YEAH! Wait you didn't get that when I asked the manga question?
Errr ummm... Types of movies you like?: Action horror mystery with hints of romance that goes for books too!
Ahem any ways where is your favorite place to shop?: Well crap Target... Yes, I know I freggin work there! but we have like everything you could possibly need! and Walden books
Do you like it there that much?: Well besides the few people who's names wont be mentioned *cough*Cathleen*cough* yeah it's really a great place to be, It kinda made me feel more human interacting with all these people I do.
That's good to hear, do you have a favorite section to work in?: umm I like working Mens, I hate to have to sit there and watch the phones all night while folding clothes and giving people numbers and checking how many things are coming in and out... all at the same time! I also like cashiering cause on a good day when it's busy time goes faster... though last time It for a bit seemed to go backwards...
Do you like kids or people?: Feh! I hate kids they are annoying spoiled rotten brats and need to get a good beating...
Violent much?: I should be more so I've got issues...
OK so you have a favorite object?: Favorite object? Truthfully my stuffed bear and My Ein Plushi, My Miroku plushi is my baby, he's got such a smug look... and I guess my computer is too oh and My Inu-Yasha, Seshomaru, and Shippo Plushies
Miroku? Is he one of your Bish?: HELL YEAH! Right now he's my favorite! I love Miroku!
How many are there now?: Too many to count? But the top few are Miroku, Kyo, Wolfwood, and Spike, Oh! and Sanzo! He's soo sexy but I think I can add Goyjo too
Your so odd...: Thank you! One of my nicknames is Miss Psycho Bitch From Hell! It stuck for the longest time...
Any other nick names?: yeah Lac, Den, Snowy, Denathen, hey you!, what's your name again?, Miss lady, Miss Goddess, I'm sure there's others... I just can't think...
Do you ever think?: Shut up! I do so think!!
OK, so what do you like to draw?: I guess I like to draw people or creatures more often people... I like to draw original stuff and some fan art, I got me an online comic now! Check out my web sight on the main page of DA, it's just starting out I hope to do it once a week (for now)
Right how about Favorite Holiday?: Thanksgiving Christmas and Halloween!
Really?: yes really
OK favorite season: Fall, I like the color change and the type of weather, cold and cool
And it has nothing to do with your birthday being in the fall?: NO! Not at all! XD
OK onwards things you don't like?: OK ummm where to start?
How about Types of Music?: Rap! Country hip hop reggae it's all just noise to me
I see and how about animals?: I hate large breed dogs that have vicious histories, rotties pitbulls those kinds, I also don't like rodents... except Guinea Pigs They are soooo cute! I use to have them...
Cool, sooo let's see kinds of people?: Snobby people, people who think they can put you down cause they are just a little higher up, My family, Ida, and screaming children, oh and people who are lacking in manors and right now my supposed friend Mort
Any one else?: mmmmn no...
OK next, what kinds of food do you not like?: Red meat, it doesn't like me...
What kinds of books/Movies?: I hate Romance movies! I really do! and Natoru(or what ever the hell you call it) I don't see why everyone else is like so obsessed with it... to each their own I guess... Though I admit I am reading one romance series called MARS But it's so great...
Least favorite thing to draw: realism especially hands... I soooo suck at them, but I think I'm getting better.
Poor you... Least favorite Holiday?: Ummmm Valentine's Day... I'm kinda cursed with that...
ow the poor thing!: yes poor me...
Least favorite season?: summer... I hate the heat
Well, hummn I guess that's it for now...: Yes goodnight!
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Violetwolfe Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010  Student General Artist
I CALL KYO!!!! Yummm x
Shigure is totally perverted. I agree with you on that!
Stormuna Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
OM NOM NOM! Lol I love Shigure. He's so perverted . . . yet hilarious. XD
XunZaer Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009
yes yes he is and thus why he is mine!
Stormuna Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
XunZaer Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
go ahead he's all yours
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XunZaer Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008
yay! another dog! ^.^
chibilover12 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008  Student Digital Artist
YAY!! my poor dog! she fell in the pool this morning.... my mom couldn't get up b/c of her back she was in a chair and it was hard! BUT MY DOGGY IS ALIVE! NOW SHE KNOWS NOT TO GO NEAR OUR POOL AGGAIN!
Shadow-Mesiona Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
cute Shigure
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